Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Five minute ride Through Hell
Out from the ashes of Brisbane hardcore punk stalwarts Bad Ronald and New Improved Testament became the band we know as Blowhard. Forming in July 1989 with the inimitable Rollo at the helm, Blowhard’s 21 year tenure as one of the city’s finest punk rock bands of the 1990s and beyond is cemented in the Turkeyneck anthology, Five Minute Ride through Hell.
Scooping the cream off their 3 albums and singles respectively, as well as various assortments from their EPs and countless compilation appearances which had propelled world tours to all corners of the globe, this 34 track compendium displays the very essence of their shift from ruckus punk rock to ska-punk and jazz-laden hardcore with rock ‘n’ roll’s core ingredients of guitar/bass/drums fused with a gargantuan horn-section propelling such 4ZZZfm staples as ‘Hornbag’, ‘Blowin’ Off’ and ‘Toxic Swing’. Included in this set is a selection of live favourites, including a reading of ‘Teenage Girlfriend’ with the Mayor of St Kilda, Fred Negro.
Housed with a 16-page booklet loaded with memorabilia, photos and extensive liner-notes, Turkeyneck is proud to introduce to you another page in Brisbane’s oft-neglected musical history with Five Minute Ride through Hell.
Distributed in Australia through Fuse Music.

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