Sunday, January 30, 2011

JUST URBAIN - Burning - 540 Records Reissue

JUST URBAIN - Burning - 540 Records - 540 017 - 7"

One of the greatest bands ever to come from the early Australian punk scene which is why they made the number 36 spot on Johan Kugelberg's top 100 DIY 45's.A bunch of guys, all to varying degrees somewhat disengaged from mainstream culture & wanting something different. A bunch of guys living in a then non connected world but willing to make the effort to do something beyond go to the footie or go to the pub, like buy the NME, hang out at the local import shop come together through mutual musical interests & form a band. It took some monthsand some membership movement but on an unremembered date in '78 JUST URBAIN (& The Young Identities) 'arrived'. Yeah I think I saw that movie also! Anyway we did gigs, had fun in the practice room & for various reasons were involved with the 2nd Leftovers recording as well as the issue of their EP. So what do you know we take it to the next level in '79--Just Urbain, Young Identities & The Bodysnatchers go into a recording studio & spend an afternoon & a few hundred dollars recording 3 singles & behold not only do we have some singles but our own label is born. Fantastic stuff although it didn't really improve our standing in the local scene. Not that we cared. I wouldn't say we had a lot of attitude but we had enough. You had to make the effort to find us as we weren't looking for you."

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