Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brisbane early 80's Fanzine x-change

I came across this great pile of old Brisbane zines from my ex-promoter friend Dave Darling recently and thought it might be cool to put it up a few articles on my blog.
X-change was a hand numbered black and white photocopied brisbane punk zine(I use that term lightly because it doesn't really discriminate to punk rock's modern bounderies ). It's very DIY and punk rock in approach and writing but some of the bands are more arty/new wave/etc. It has a lot of local content with reviews of interesting intersate/overseas releases. X-change is the brainchild of Ian Gray. Ian feel free to get in contact if you have any problems with me sharing this.


Unknown said...

Hello there,
I'm probably far too late, however as part of my research I am seeking to view a copy of issue 4 of x-change, in particular the full article about Birds of Tin from which an extract is published here
Please let me know if this has been uploaded somewhere,
Thank you very much
Scotty Regan

Inkster said...

Hi, Scotty. From memory, the Birds of Tin review was part of a round-up of the Brisbane scene I did every now and then called "Talk of the Town". Contact me if you're after anything. Johnnie Willsteed is scanning copies of "X-Change" at the moment. I might re-type them all and publish them online one day.

Ian Gray